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Drawing in Ireland  Slate Magazine  Internships in graphics, photography and more!



The internship program at SUNY Ulster allows students to gain knowledge and experience in exchange for academic credit. More and more employers say they want to hire graduates with practical work experience, and an internship gives you just that – real world experience while exploring a chosen profession. Some of our local internship placements include:

  • MTV

  • SUNY Ulster Graphic Design Department

  • Woodstock School of Art

  • Rolling Stone Magazine

  • SONY Music

  • WDST


Academic Travel

Some students say academic travel is the greatest experience of their college years. It’s an unforgettable adventure that immerses you in another culture or discipline, expands your horizons and teaches you greater independence. We participate with Project Travel, a peer funding program that can help pay for your academic travel.

Project Travel and SUNY Ulster are working together to make domestic and international educational travel programs more accessible to SUNY Ulster students. Project Travel provides a peer-funding platform and advising to students who want to mobilize their community to raise money and social support for these important experiences. Click here for information.

Upcoming Trips include:

Winter*net 2013/2014

Drawing Tour of Rome & Florence

Summer 2014

   Landscape Painting
   Irish Literature
   Irish History



No matter what you like to do, chances are there’s a student club that shares your passion. Enhance your college experience and have fun in both arts-related and other student interest clubs and organizations.

Design Club
Sean Nixon

Drama Club
Steve Balantzian

Empty Tables Theatre Workshop Club
Steve Balantzian

Visual Arts Club

Susan Jeffers

Non-Arts Clubs


Slate Magazine

Created by and for SUNY Ulster students, Slate is our Arts & Literature Magazine. Join the staff, contribute work, read and enjoy! See the latest version of Slate here

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