Anastasia Sohlberg

Chris Seubert

Assistant Professor of Music



Courses Taught:

Small Instrument Music Groups
Multi Small Instrument Music Groups
String Ensemble



Anastasia Solberg, violist, completed her graduate studies in performance at the Hochsule der Kunste, Berlin, with Prof. Bruno Giurranna. She is founder and director of Ensemble Solange, a mixed chamber ensemble who performed primarily in Europe, focusing on works and composers of rarely performed works. The ensemble also was involved in numerous radio productions.

Anastasia has been the violist for the American Festival of Microtonal Music since 1996 and has many world premiers to her credit, including works by Victoria Bond, Anton Rovner, Violetta Dinescu, and Luc Marcel. Anastasia most recently played all seven viola parts on the recently released CD of the “Universe Symphony” by Charles Ives. She is currently working on two recordings, featuring the complete chamber works of Rebecca Clarke and the 17 poems by LI Po set for intoned voice and adapted viola with her own transcription and adaptation.

After teaching as adjunct at various institutions of higher learning (NYU, Temple University), as well as running her own private studio, Anastasia decided that she could best assist those around her by opening a music school. In 2001 she founded the Music Institute of Sullivan and Ulster Counties (MISU) The school, as a 501c3, is hoping that in the near future it will be able to offer tuition free lessons for all. The school has grown and now fosters two community string orchestras, an adult learning program, a preparatory program, a flourishing Suzuki program as well as offering private instruction for piano, voice, violin and viola. Anastasia has been collaborating with 2 local community colleges with performances and instruction and hopes to continue in this endeavor.

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