Dr. Frank Boyer

Frank V. Boyer

Adjunct Professor of Art History


Office: VAN 260B


Courses Taught:

Art History I and II
Introduction to Visual Art




Frank Boyer hales originally from the Midwest, where he was born in a small city on the bank of the Mississippi River. Until he was 15, he lived in the ever-more endangered environment of the American small town. moving to a small industrial city just north of Chicago. He attended the University of Wisconsin during the bad old days when rioting was the favorite extracurricular activity.


He began writing poetry in his early 20's, and has continued to the present day. He participated in the performance art scene of the Lower East Side of Manhattan in the 1980's and at the end of that decade began to create art installations that included performance. He is presently working on a performance installation about life as a single parent. His son, Brendan, has recently completed a BFA at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.


He has been writing haiku intensively for the last three years, but began reading and studying Japanese art and culture when he was in his early teens. In 2009, he published a chapbook of his poetry, Jumping Out of My Skin. At present he is preparing a second chapbook, Out of My Skin Again, and a book-length manuscript consisting of five long poetic texts that retell/reuse the Orpheus myth. He holds an MA degree in Humanities and Doctor of Arts degree in Art and Art Theory from NYU. He teaches art-related subjects at SUNY-New Paltz and SUNY-Ulster, and in addition to poetry, fiction, and drama, writes art theory and cultural criticism.


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